Kurulus osman Season 1 all episodes with English and Urdu subtitles

Kurulus osman episodes 1-10 with English and  Urdu subtitles

Kurulus osman is a historical and one of the most loved television drama series of turkey. This series was directed by Mehmet Bozdağ

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Kurulus osman all episodes with English and urdu subtitles in full resolution 

In kurulus osman season 1,yanks says that Sofia is your daughter. How does Edebalı know this secret that you keep from everyone? No more secrets, Kalanoz. Now there is only death. Now listen to me. My Sheikh. Ya Shafi. Medet Allah. Ya Shafi. Medet Allah. Ya Shafi. Medet Allah. Ya Shafi. Medet Allah. Ya Shafi. Father. Medet Allah. You will survive, Bala, less last. Less more. Less last! Medet Allah. Either bismillah. God give him strength, my Lord! Ya Shafi. Medet Allah. Medet Allah. Samsa Sergeant, keep an eye on Sofia. Osman, you will find the trouble! You will pay the sin of the crimes you have committed! Is there a destruction? You're up, son. I Selamınaleyk. I Aleykümselam. Shut up, give me the bone of your creaking mouth! Sofia ... today is your account day. My blood of Aybars will not stay on the ground! Osman deceived all of you. He did it to escape the court, wake up. You will also pay for the sin he has committed, and your obey! Leave me! How is Ahvali Ayşe aunt? It's not good, Osman. I hope it will be good, Ayşe aunt. It will be good. God willing. [Door opens.] Princess Sofia? Alişar Bey. What's going on? Osman kidnapped me and killed my soldiers. What does this mean Bamsı? Free Princess Sofia now! Osman, where are you? Do you call me Alişar Bey? Osman, son of Ertuğrul Gazi, does not escape justice! Did you not specify this for so long, Alişar Bey? Either take control of Osman or take the war, Alişar Bey! Soldiers, catch Osman Bey! They draw the swords.) Now, do you rebel against the state? Why don't you trust my word, Alişar Bey? I said it would be a fair court. I kept my word. 

Not me, you will judge Sofia. Osman! Justice will find its place here in my father's office today. Now you can listen to the truth from me, Alişar Bey. [Door opens.] I kept my word. The medicine is here, Osman Bey. It is the healing of Bala. Thank god. Help me, girl. Let's drink the healing. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. O Lord, the healing is from you. Mercy is from you. Medet from you. Ya Shafi. Ya Shafi. Ya Shafi. Ya Shafi. (They call Ya Shafi all together.) This pusat is the puset of my martyr, Aybars. So far, the honor of this pusat was mine. I trust you and leave the honor of this pus in your hands, Alişar Bey. Is it true what Osman Bey said, Kalanoz? So you pressed the market place. We are not. Yannis, who was also the murderer of our textile, made it. Did you miss your mind, Kalanoz? Master Yannis is a holy man. How would you say that? This is now our domestic affair. We will solve this ourselves. This is not true! All three of you were in the event. We withdraw all the charges against Osman Bey. I took Bala Hatun's healing and had Yannis thrown into the dungeon. I will question and execute tomorrow tonight. You lie, you lie! My son's murderers are all of you! Yannis killed your son Aybars. I'm sorry for that. I invite you all to death tomorrow. You will witness Yannis' death with your own eyes! Princess Sofia is innocent. If you don't want a war ... I want you to release him immediately. I won't let this happen! Osman, enough! Aybars' perpetrator was found both in market pressure. Bala Hatun will survive thanks to Kalanoz.

Osman, what more do you want? Justice! I will not stop until justice is found! I will continue the peace and trade agreement with Tekfur Yorgopolos. This issue is now closed here, Alişar Bey. Otherwise, we will lose many brave people in this land! Ya Shafi. Ya Shafi. Ya Shafi. Ya Shafi. Ya Shafi. Ya Shafi. Ya Shafi. Ya Shafi. Ya Shafi. Ya Shafi. Ya Shafi. Ya Shafi. Father. My daughter. Bud. Thank God, my Lord. Thank god. Thank God! Thank god. Thank god. Thank god. You're free to go, Kalanoz. I don't want any hostility anymore. Otherwise, the price will be heavy! Commander! Take Princess Sofia and commander Kalanoz to the castle! If anything happens to you, I'll get your head off! You're welcome, sir. No no no! Shake my son's killer with his hand and shake it, I won't let him go from the camp! Osman! Osman, enough! You confront our Obese with Seljuk. Enough! My eyes will be on you, Kalanoz! This job is not over for me yet. Mr. Bamsı, we will go to witness the execution of Yannis tomorrow. Tomorrow, when Yannis shakes in his narrow tree, you will understand that I am right, Osman. [Door opens.] [The door closes.] God, why did you leave me alone? I fought for your kingdom, my life. Forgive me, I couldn't leave Sofia in their hands. Quench the truth in my soul, save my soul from this pain. I beg my god to forgive my sins, deliberately or unknowingly, my misdemeanors! Great god, help us! Compassion and protect. (He whips himself.) (He whips himself.) Squeeze a little tooth, I'm Tursun. In a few moments, he suffers from pain. With the permission of Allah, nothing remains. These sores in my chest hurt less than I do in my heart. What have you got in your heart? We look at the sky is sickle. we look at the ground is solid. How do we get out of this moment we fall into? Sunday was published. All of our men have migrated to the hereafter. These voyages, did Tursun dagger his patience. Of course, the floor under us shows a way out which quilts the chest over us. Long live Tursun.

Amenna sheikh, amenna. Our stalls are wasted, our goods are rüsva. It will take quite a while for us to recover. What did he say, the dervish Yunus, who we have become at the door of your worship in Nallıhan . "We are reborn from all things, who is usana." The old man whom you gave this plate on the market . Yannis was the monk dressed as a dervish. What Hak Resul said came. Ahi was a timeframe, it happens. The world of fisks and facets is filled. Sure. See all kinds of litigation, guys. Your hand is your eye. I couldn't stop leaving it there. Thinking about their love. I found solace on his deathbed. If I was ash like the original. I don't eat any gamut. You entered my life. I won't let you go again, Bala Hatun. If you say so, ask me from my father then! If you excuse me, at that time, I will ask you when my father returns. Excuse me. Is there a destruction, Osman Bey? Come on. [Door opens.] Well, what happened? (She's breathing in her nose.) What's up? Dundar Bey Beyim not only to throw our alps into the caged tent. he took his bros with his pusat and threw them from the alpine. It's time to showdown with Dündar Bey. Since we defend the following goal from our head. let's compile the informal oba. We have not been able to come to this trade position for a long time. The new market recovers. It is necessary to produce plenty of goods in the kilimhouse. Do not worry about that, Dundar Bey. Kayi girls will overcome. When the looms are reinstalled, the most reputable fabrics will be those of Kayı. Hallelujah. Thank goodness we got rid of the sentence problems in our heads. Informal after that is up to our perseverance. I have no niece . we did not get rid of all the troubles. 

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