Kurulus osman episodes 11-20 with Urdu subtitles

Kurulus osman all episodes with Urdu subtitles

Kurulus osman is a historical television drama series of turkey. This series was directed by Mehmet BozdağIt is based on the life of Osman Bey I, who was the founder of Ottoman Empire. This television series is the sequel of blockbuster Diriliş: Ertuğrulwhich was made on the life of Ertuğrul Bey, father of Osman.

Kurulus osman episode 11 to 20 with Urdu and English subtitles

On www.kurulusyoutube.co.uk , you canread description of all episodes of kurulus osman season 1 in English. 

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Kurulus osman episode 1 to 10 with Urdu and English subtitlesKurulus osman episode 21 to 27 with Urdu and English subtitles

Kurulus osman all episodes with English and urdu subtitles

In season 1 of kurulus osman , osman further explains to his obey that Do not worry, we are with Osman Bey. Bala Hatun laughs in your eyes. I'll come. How was it? According to the smile of the face. Osman Bey has obviously made a good horse. I don't know if he has healing. He beat my horse well overnight. I don't know if you have any healing. However, since he did well overnight  his heart is not empty. What do you mean, Gonca Hatun? Take out the pods in your mouth. I asked the customers from the apricot. Osman Bey does not have a chick. Stout like that necessarily has a baby. I asked thoroughly, investigated. There is no cub. Both why would you tell me these Gonca Hatun? I saw how he looked at you on the counter. [Aslı and Kerem.] Very nice thank you. Not that the only thing that ends is not tiles, the treatment of his horse is over. Aygül Hatun put herself in danger without blinking. E is the daughter of the suck. What would he do? Would he let him die? In a well-known heap like Osman does it ever work? Or are you jealous? Put those pots on the stalls. The vacant benches are also a poll. Leave the stub, Bala Hatun. I do not have the benches or polls, you wipe a heart.


In kurulus osman season 1,  He has suffered so much thrown the pain despite the inflammation in his blood, he did not speak. For you... If you have faith  as you saved me from mud. let me do well. I didn't trust you I brought it to my father's slope, Osman Bey. My horse is entrusted to you. Pied, Pied, Inflammation in your blood will be good. Now... I say, let's take you and go to the place. I'll treat it there. Let me say  from the beautiful eyes of the owner Bala Hatun let's not shed once again. May Allah give you whatever you want Osman Bey. My only wish come to the new market tomorrow and let me see you again. My non-comrade is entrusted to you. Excuse me, Osman Bey. If I have two hands in the blood  I will bring pied. When you say be  of Allah Almighty, who filled our hearts with the light of faith by the name of ninety-nine. Pusat equipped and  to cut their sentences  everyone waits for orders. However, Dundar Bey you are like distractions. Your pain, I understand your anger, Bamsı. But without knowing the original work is it wise to want a war? 

Where is Literary? He sent me. My name is Zülfikar. Let's get to the thesis. Bamsı Bey, you take precautions here. Thank you Osman, thank you. [Horses are turning.] [The sheep are bleating.] Alişar Bey handed the rope to his hand. I saw it is not distant from Osman. That is why he moved the court to Söğüt. Alişar Bey establishes the wolf table, my nephew. He establishes that he wishes him to be out of breath. It is true that he puts a string down the well, but whether this rope will take us out of the well, tether it will be around our neck, we will see it all together. What if he made a decision against Osman against the court? Are we going to sacrifice my garbage? First of all, we need to find Osman. We need to provide evidence to convince the court that Osman is not guilty. Then, I will pay him the price of his cruelty to Batur! Osman is my blood, my dear. Only I can punish you. [Hit the drum.] Thank you, I hope. They are the Alps of Osman. You came! Throat garda, take Tursun to the healing tent. Thank you, Garda. We will take Bala Hatun to Ertuğrul Bey's bed, come on! There are wounded. Boran alp! The fur shop is where the fox will turn around. We are not permanent, Mr. Dundar. I decide who stays in this camp and who goes! Who is this chick? She is the daughter of Sheikh Edebalı, Bala Hatun. Was the daughter of Edebalı, the chick kidnapped from the market? It is true. My son ordered his father to be hosted in his room. Didn't your heart be enough, but he sent his chick with you? My master's heart does not fit in this place, nor on this end! It is not at the Kayi ceremony to keep a Muslim woman seeking healing in front of her car. We burn the world for a drop of blood! Get news about Zöhre Hatun, get your thesis interested. Edebalı's daughter is also our daughter. Come on, take it. I Selamınaleyk. And hello. Zülfikar dervish said that you know ahvali. Bala Hatun fights in the grip of death.

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