Kurulus osman episodes 21-27 with Urdu subtitles

Kurulus osman all episodes with Urdu subtitles

Kurulus osman is a famous and well known television series of turkey and is being broadcasted by Turkish channel atvThis series is directed by Mehmet Bozdağ, who also directed Diriliş: ErtuğrulThis television is basically based on the life of Osman Bey I, who was the founder of Ottoman Empire. This television series is the sequel of blockbuster Diriliş: Ertuğrulwhich was made on the life of Ertuğrul Bey, father of Osman. 

Kurulus osman episode 21 to 27 with Urdu and English subtitles

Kurulusyoutube.co.uk presenting the all episodes of kurulus osman season 1 with urdu and English subtitles in full HD. Here are the episodes link from 21-27.

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Kurulus osman all episodes with English and urdu subtitles in full resolution 

In kurulus osman season 1, osman tells his tribe that I've never seen my brain like this. Osman Bey was blind when he couldn't see Edebalı and Tursun at the place. Not that. What is the reason? Osman Bey's eyes were dark when he could not find Bala Hatun. I know. This is love. Osman Bey's heart fell into love fire. (Coughs.) I'm Samsa. What do you know love? Didn't you find love in gas, in futuhat? Aren't you married to your pusat, Samsa Sergeant, huh? What happened? Your eyes are cloudy. Your heart was black. Wel, What is it, sir, who dips you away? Do not worry, my heart and your carcass! Samsa Sergeant. we are informal garbage brothers with this. Didn't we go down to the lair of the shrouds?

Didn't we shed the blood of the shrouds together? There is no secret hidden between us. Tell me. I worry about Osman Bey. Why am I Samsa Bey? Boran Alp, which you call love, blunt the brain principality, the sword of the brave. How do you know this? Or did you burn with love fire for a while, Samsa Sergeant? What word to burn! Tell me then, we are your garbage. Have a go for your job!

Yannis, Where's the literary? I am here because he is not there, Osman. Defraud the word! Answer my question. Edebali and her daughter are gone. But I don't know where they are. It will not take long. Remember that it is at the tip of my claw. Killing me, Osman is the last thing you want right now. Demon. Selcan Hatun. What are you saying? Selcan Hatun is not even in the willow. Your anger overshadowed your intelligence, Osman. You forget that we have a dark shadow in every nook. What did you do to Selcan Hatun? You, not us, will decide. Now in the caravanserai, unaware of everything  he is staying. Welcome, Princess Sofia. We're [I'm] glad to be here. What are you looking for, Selcan Hatun? My dagger is here, but Hayme Ana's. I can't find an heirloom dagger. You go ahead and eat. Here my princess To that table , send fruit with plenty of goat meat What's up? What are these? Kulucahisar princess is the treat of Sofia. Selcan hatun If I don't survive here. I'm a man outside is waiting to blow news to the caravanserai. Are you ready to bargain with the devil, Osman? What do you want? For my dear, Selcan's soul. you are lying To get rid of my hand ... a lie you made up. I am grateful that you accepted my offer. It is not a holiday, it is not watching. why are you served? You are a guest. The catering to the guest is from the glory of the host. Can I sit? The fool of the guest thought he was the host. This dormitory is ours. As for the guest, If you accept to be a guest at my desk come on, sit down. As you wish. So, you are the famous Selcan Hatun. He saw the day in Kulucahisar Even Greek women praise your name. We look at the stove, not the fire. Although Nam is ours, the trick is Hayme Mother. I am sure grandson of Hayme Ana Mr. Osman. He will be very happy to see you. Kinship is also howling princess.

However, Osman is my child. Elbet, I miss him too. Well, let's see Why is this relation to Osman? Osman Bey found the murderers of my husband and sentenced him. In our eyes, its value is great. Did you recognize this dagger, Osman? Hayme Ana If you say no to my offer, Selcan Hatun will need this dagger a lot. My main is half. If you do any harm to her. if you are in the well with snakes, I will take you off with my hands Osman is not over yet. Not only my dear, but Aybars. I will give the murderers. Subject... you will not sound my execution. Selcan Hatun? It will reach the plain unharmed. Now think well. Either leaving here and going to the castle testify to my execution or .. Taking revenge on Aybars' murderers turning to oba You will get Selcan Hatun, which you love as much as your mother. This was a big game, wasn't it? I am the only one who knows you. You will be lost and disappear. Here is Osman Bey I know this. Both brave and intelligent. Don't forget that I am brutal! I... I'm a dead man, Osman. Where are Aybars murderers? They are in the black forest right now. At the beginning. there is Salvador. 

Mr. Osman! Hurry up. Who will hurt this time. I can't even take a nap. This isn't over, Yannis. In those dark shadows that bat on your face I will drown with the light of my pus, you know. Our holy cause is for our master Yannis. For our holy cause and our master Yannis. Thanks to Osman Bey into this land we cut out a big ur. Osman, as much as a hunter proved to be a great Bey. Why did Osman not come? You need to know that, Mr. Bamsi. Not in Sofia. Mr. Gündüz, There's a hell going around here. When my Osman comes, I will learn all of them. So, where's Osman, Dundar? Is there anybody who makes Osman's works a secret? You'll see, it ends soon. now this carcass . What do you know is Yannis melunu? What if not? Osman is the only one who knows him other than us. He did not come to death. Trust us, Mr. Bamsi. Even the carcass of someone like Yannis It pollutes Kulucahisar's air. Take it. Mr. Alişar while you are here The old agreement in your hospitality we wish to renew. Here you are, Hazrat Alişar. Mr. Dundar. Day I'm not comfortable at all. Your uncle is still pursuing an agreement. My Osman is still not around. Don't worry, Mr. Bamsi the basics of this agreement my father Ertuğrul Gazi threw. Ertuğrul Bey, this agreement He hoped to do it with Yorgo Pulos. This is not with couds. Mr. Gündüz is not with these couds. not with it where are you my dear Where? Duh! Duh! No, no? As if he had received good news You have a condition. 

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