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Kurulus osman episode 1 with

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Watch kurulus Osman episode 1 in Urdu and English subtitles - kurulus Osman episode 1

Kurulus osman episode 1 with Urdu and English subtitles

Description of kurulus 

osman Episode 1 :

In the kurulus osman episode 1Let's start, kid bassi says to osman. Let the name of God. Hayy is Allah. God is Truth. Hayy is Allah. God is Truth. Hayy is Allah. God is Truth. Hayy is Allah. God is Truth. Hayy is Allah. My lion, stop less, stop here. Ohh! Iron ... Beaten in iron pan. Kid is beaten in the iron pan. Bamsı Bey is the wedding gift of my Aybars. This pusat will end until tomorrow night. No promises I made to him were a lie. Hey gone years hey! Both Osman and Aybars have grown up, brothers, they became blood brothers. With my father Ertuğrul Gazi, we walk in the companion fire you burned, Bamsı Bey. Hey, thank God, thank god I saw these days too. I hope my bravery. Oh dear! So, what about my Osman? Will our Ertuğrul Gazi return from Konya? Will the Sultan and the geniuses accept their offer? We burned the fire of this furnace with Atamat Alparslan in Malazgirt, Bamsı Bey. We rested in the batter's bosom. In order to call these lands homeland, we fight without tears. Now, it's time to take a plane tree into action. Under the sycamore, many shady chested alps, majestic chicks will ignite the fire of a new state. Sentence enemies, sentence sold, we will do ashes with this fire.

In kurulus osman episode 1, Whatever news from Konya. We will never drop my father's happy birthday. May my supreme Lord be my witness. Me and my children, to spread this blessed banner to seven worlds, we will fight yites. Hey Mashalah! Hey, thank God! Ahanda these ears heard these words, my eyes don't go open. Obviously, Ertuğrul Bey's stove has already been harmed. The stove of our already grown Ertuğrul Bey! Ah! Ah! My father, Süleyman Şah, also had this boil. Ertuğrul Bey's trust is on my shoulders, that the provinces issued, look at the mortar, babe. Dust blows from the wind. You are Dundar Bey. So you can overcome all kinds of badiles. Everyone looks, My brother sees Ertuğrul Bey. Twenty-five years ago, his seeds were sown, now we collect it as a crop. 

Kurulus Osman Episode 1 

in English 

This agreement welfare to the region, and the chick who will bring peace. Do not underestimate yourself, Dundar Bey. The road is not with the passenger, walked with the comrade. What would happen if you came back like Gündoğdu and Sungurtekin? You gave shoulder, Ertuğrul Bey established an order. Biceps are available to everyone. But both biceps and trick, you have one. Both, peace lesson, afraid of tranquility, the evil eyes have already snaked them out of their holes It is necessary to be cautious. May Allah be my witness, those snakes in the fires , I burn it alive. Yakarım.

In the kurulus osman episode 1 , Thank you. It is obvious that you drank water from Haymana's spring. Come on, let's. 

In kurulus osman episode 1, In fact back in tribe bamsi started the preparation of nikkah of his son, abbas, as his nikkah function was on the same night. But when bamsi recieives his dead body and he shocked but he made sure everyone that no one cry on my son death “he has gone to his final lover , the Allah Almighty”.   Bamsi bey offers his funereal along with kayi soldiers and pray for him. He says that he would not put the sword of ayguls on the grave until he got inteqam of his son murder. Osman says bamsi bey that ayguls was his brother and he would kill all those who are involved in this incident . He then a made a plan to go to the castle and wants to meet the yorgopolos secretly and he actually thinks that there is somebody in the castle who is behind this all play.

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