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Kurulus osman episode 2 with 

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Watch kurulus Osman episode 2 in Urdu and English subtitles - kurulus Osman episode 2

Kurulus osman episode 2 with Urdu and English subtitles

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Osman episode 2 :

In kurulus osman episode 2, gundooz know that duty comes first to the alpine part. It is not Burçin who would not leave Osman Bey alone. Pray for us, let's go to the thesis and return with goodness. God willing. May Allah make your way clear, Aybars. There is little left. In the evening, these cotton hands will be hennaed by our wedding. If you see the henna entar that Aygül has planted on me. It's so beautiful. If you see yourself through my eyes. You are so beautiful. They wait for you. My Burçin, be entrusted to Allah. You are also Aybars. You too. Hey gidi Kayı's alps. You are like pusat wrapped in silk. Outside nobility, drink fire. Hullo! Hullo! Thank you sir. What are these, son? Tekfura is the pusat that will go as a gift, my father. Osman. If you said pusat in this place, you come to mind. Let's see.

In kurulus osman episode 2As long as you are with me nothing can hurt me. I'm a very lucky man. Let us still be cautious. Last night's stars darkened me or maybe maybe you will say empty faith, but I was uneasy. Don't worry about me, Sofia. Commander Kalonoz, the greatest warrior of Bitinyan, it protects me. Kayi are coming, sir. Tekfur nibs. Welcome Dundar Bey. We welcome, Tekfur Yorgopolos. Princess Sofia. Valiant women of Kayı, you are welcome too. You honored our pen. That honor belongs to us, princess. I wish Ertuğrul Bey was also here in this beautiful day. We owe this joy more than anything else. 

Kurulus Osman Episode 2

In Urdu subtitles


Our game is starting! Ertugrul! Tekfur if you want me, here it is! Here I am. What have you scared of me so far ... nor me. Let's finish this job. (Sword sounds) It is enough! This war is over! I want to be relying on us. Ahalim's belly is full have a good back. Bless you! Bless you! Bless you! Bless you! We said war until the last drop of our blood, now we will call peace. Bless you! So with my brother Dündar, let's reinforce the promise between us. We celebrate this deal with a nice feast when I get back.

Kurulus Osman Episode 2

In English subtitles


In kurulus osman episode 2, Even if it's not today, sooner or later they will find their target arrow where they have hide them and i am pretty sur about that. At this challenging tip called Bitinya how much time is it? Do you know how strong I was, Nizamettin Efendi? Always smelling. The good and the bad have a unique smell. Whether it's good ... Whether bad ... You must have a scent. Now, tell me, what's up? Kayılar went to the castle, Alişar Bey. Obviously they will deal with tekfur. Do you think Tekfur accepts the conditions? They set off with gifts. The Greeks were also preparing for entertainment. The pen in this land is minee, the paper to be written is mine. Without me, that deal has no value. This move will break the power of the new market. If an agreement is reached.  

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