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Kurulus osman episode 3 with 

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Watch kurulus Osman episode 3 in urdu and English subtitles - kurulus osman episode 3

Kurulus osman episode 3 with Urdu and English subtitles

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In kurulus osman episode 3, You are incapable of killing an old tekfuru , governor tells the sofia. The assassination plans that I knit by bowknot you messed up with your incompetence. Osman would have learned everything if you hadn't killed the assassin. That's when  we couldn't explain anything to our master. No,  put your best man after him. At the first opportunity, he should taste our wrath. Don't underestimate Osman. He's not a regular person. Surely, Megala should pay for it. Osman what do you think you are doing? What did I have, brother? Osman. We keep pusat sooner, says the word big. What is it to intervene while Emmin is standing? The word is spoken, brother. La havle , Should I be thirsty for my soul? And you still raise words in the past. No need to stretch. Enjoy your meal. Orhan you stay here. You're welcome, sir. Aybars come with me. You will be beautiful, henna night Burçin. My Aybars will also like it. Even if you wear tent cloth, he will like it. One day we will have your wedding with Osman, Aygül. You say so? I say that, of course. 

Kurulus Osman Episode 3 

in Urdu subtitles 

In kurulus osman episode 3, There will be a great war in this land. I feel it in my marrow, in my bone. Never forget this war, not those who are vigilant like a pigeon, those who are attacking like an eagle or a hawk will win. A state will emerge from our dreams. A state. Heard the Dundar Beys, they say peace. You talk about a state in this turmoil, Osman Bey. Aybars is forbidden to us for sleep. The quail hunted the flock and went away. Non, bounty time. Who are these guys, Osman Bey? I am Aybars who did not fit in the castle. Fitna did not fit in the castle. Ya Allah! I'm Ambush Aybars. You are from left flank and I from right flank. Hayy is Allah! God is Truth! Aybars! Ah! Aybars! Oh God, are you okay? I'm fine I'm fine. They say that falling blood on henna dress brings bad luck. I'm excited, Burçin. Both have to be good. Think no, no, no, today is your henna day. Aygül still has not returned.

Kurulus Osman Episode 3 

in english subtitles 

In kurulus osman episode 3, Why would you worry about them? Especially, let us prepare you in the best way. Look, Aybars will blow his mind when he sees you. God protect my Aybars. Ah! Seize that Turk. Let's see your jackals. Ha! If I oppose Osman's offer against Tekfur, there is hostility between us, they will think there is duality. This is Osman, whatever it blows on his head. If Osman is blowing, it will fall to you. Otherwise, these empty movements will bring bad things to our man. Is there a destruction? Come to Gündüz. Emmi. There is no news from Osman or Aybars. They still haven't returned. Don't worry about the day, Gündüz. Emmi. I'm not comfortable at all. Is there any news of Bamsı Bey Gündüz? There is no suck. Tell the Alps to set off thesis, scattered around and not coming without finding them. Your order is sure. (The horse is sniffing.) (The horse is sniffing.) 

In kurulus osman episode 3, Brother, who saves the death from death, brother, effort. Oh, I will take you. Lets. Hang on, brother. Hang on, Aybars. Greetings. Abraham's only wish is the prophet,  to have a son. Of course he asked Allah and ... He said, if you give me honey, I will sacrifice my son. Allah is also from our mother Hagar , gave him a honey. The name of the prophet Abraham,  Ismail put it. Ismail was brought up. He reached the age of seven. You are so beautiful. Hah like this. Let your little face laugh. Which bride frown like this before henna? Aybars will come, but I will complain to him. My dear brother, I will always say that he was sulking when you were gone Sorry, Aygül, I upset you today. Do you ever upset me? At that time, the prophet Abraham had a dream. He was told in his dream about the sacrifice of his son. Ibrahim also ... He came to Ismail.

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