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Kurulus osman episode 4 

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Watch kurulus Osman episode 4 in urdu and English subtitles - kurulus osman episode 4

Kurulus osman episode 4 with Urdu and English subtitles

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Osman episode 4 :

In kurulus osman episode 4, Aybars! (Crying sounds.) Mr. Osman! You couldn't protect Alpini, his blood brother, everyone cries. How do you let it die? How do you let it? Enough. How do you let it? Enough. Enough. Enough. (Crying sounds.) Osman. Tell you. This work, the original. We ambushed. We hit back with my brother, Bamsı Bey. (Crying sounds.) But I couldn't keep my promise to you. I couldn't protect Aybars. (Crying sounds.) Forgive me. Forgive me. Lamb leaving the herd, the wolf snatches. Did we not remember this, Osman? Ha? (Crying sounds.) My son Aybars, for the order, next to his blood brother, he drank martyrdom. Is Zinhan, I have no doubt, blood brother , did her best for her. I Usman.

Kurulus Osman Episode 4 

in Urdu Subtitles

In kurulus osman episode 4, Let the blazed bards lament. Nobody cry. Chimneys hair, cries don't shout. Now. It is a true toy day. It is now the wedding day. Now is the glorious day. Thank God for my tea. I am, I became a martyr's father. I became the martyr's father. Bamsı became the martyr's father. Bamsı became the martyr's father. He is a martyr's father, Bamsı. He is a martyr's father. We have a wedding, fellows. My son has reached his Lord. We have a wedding, fellows. My son has reached his Lord. Sir. Tell me Osman is dead Megala. Sir, free from the swamp he fell. I don't know how. Damn. I hope this incompetence does not cause other troubles. Break down now. But the closest alpine, Bamsı's son Aybars, everybody cries around Kayi Oba at the moment, sir.

Kurulus Osman Episode 4

in English Subtitles

In kurulus osman episode 4, In the tasks you take on you never landed our face. It may have been written with a number of secrets from the Bible. It probably refers to various passwords. If we can find clues about secrets ... ... I can solve those numbers. Direction and location information should be hidden by those numbers. You had solved a number of similar secrets of ancient alphabets. Then he finished this job as soon as possible and we can meet our master with the happiness of the people who have done their duty. I prayed in the church for you, Yorgopolos. God's help and with the skill of Calosnose I'm sure we'll catch those responsible. Alone... Are you sure the traitors are from the castle? We were betrayed, Sofia. And this betrayal is not from outside the castle  came from within. Yorgopolos if you're right this is terrible. Empty rotation of the hand. Find a trail that will bring me to them. Otherwise they will try again soon. Yes, sir. My dear husband. I watch the sky every night. I read the traces of stars and planets left by us. 

In kurulus osman episode 4, As for my father, If Ertuğrul Gazi, the son of Süleyman Şah, was here does not accuse me of the death of my blood brother, runs after killers with us, made Bitinya hell for them. 

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