Kurulus Osman | Season 1, Episode 7 | Urdu and English subtitles and download

Kurulus osman episode 7 

with Urdu and English 


Watch kurulus Osman episode 7 in Urdu and English subtitles - kurulus Osman episode 7

Kurulus osman episode 7 with Urdu and English subtitles

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osman episode 7 :

In kurulus osman episode 7, Look at the ordeal we have to keep him alive , osman tells his alps. Oh cruel world, ah! I knead the steel and knead it, Batur Bey. If the whole world comes together, no one can wear his wrist unofficially. If Cenkte puts me half way, then no one can take you away, blacksmith. Which trouble did you get in again? It was all a lie. Kalanoz! Listen to me. Damn you. Stop! Who are you? The one that will put Byzantine back on its feet, we are the only power. Commander Kalanoz.

Kurulus Osman Episode 7 

In Urdu subtitles


In kurulus osman episode 7I am a woman who obeyed Master Yannis to the end. To the man I fell in love with  a woman who has not been able to open it for years. To a commander like you  joining us, adding strength to our strength until the last drop of our blood with us. I propose to fight the Turks. Commander Kalanoz. Say it to me. What was your wish in the castle? Obviously you got something secret from there. Or  treasure? You know, Osman. Is the Treasury. But what did we steal that treasure, neither did we extort. With the help of Allah's grace and help, we took back what was ours. All of the treasure, belong to the people. I know the Ahis, their resistance to the Mongols  but my skin gets scarred Edabali. Why do the people in the castle hostile you? Why did they steal your treasure? What happened at the castle? Your daughter Bala . what was your lover Tursun there for?

Kurulus Osman Episode 7 

In english subtitles


In kurulus osman episode 7,  there must be such a state that,  justice must be resurrected with it. Islam should find peace, the wrongdoers should tremble with fear, morality, he should stand up with him. Surprise Commander Kalanoz. Just answer. Are you with us Let's say I am not. Are you going to kill me too? Any commander who is Greek and has no Turkish hatred, has no right to live, Kalanoz. We set out for a big case. And our enemies are so close,  our ideals are dubbed in our heart, there is no room for mercy. Who are these enemies? Sheikh Edabali. And his priests.

In kurulus osman episode 7, Ornamental! Ornamental! Ornamental! Hungry! Hungry! Hungry! Now sit well behaved here. One question. One answer. Who are you? Selamun aleykum. Yarenler. Selamun aleykum. Hello, hello. You can distinguish the warp two-folded ones and the wefts with a single twist well. Weavings with kufi motifs and those with mesh motifs are still raw. Selling them in the market in this way does not suit us. Bala Hatun on her head. Bala Hatun on her head. The skin of casual and fraud is not suitable for the market. Draw the strange guraba and distribute it to his reward.

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