Kurulus Osman | Season 1, Episode 8 | Urdu and English subtitles and download

Kurulus osman episode 8 

with Urdu and English 


Watch kurulus Osman episode 8 in urdu and English subtitles - kurulus osman episode 8

Kurulus osman episode 8 with Urdu and English subtitles

Description of Kurulus 

osman episode 8:

In kurulus osman episode 8 , Bala Hatun hits on her head. Not just pusat shaking. You are skilled in trade, Bala Hatun. Pusatla our dear, Turkish fortune in trade, we protect our ceremony with Osman, Osman. Turkish ceremony, my mother used to say that she is on the shoulders of the women first. Thanks to you, I saw how right he was. Bala Hatun. Take the Horse, What happened to Alaca? Ahvali is not good. In the barn. Where it passes, weed, my dear friend. The wing of Bala Hatun is Alaca. 

Kurulus Osman Episode 8 

in Urdu subtitles

In kurulus osman episode 8 , You like your friend, you ride like your enemy. He has suffered so much thrown the pain despite the inflammation in his blood, he did not speak. For you... If you have faith  as you saved me from mud. let me do well. I didn't trust you, I brought it to my father's slope, Osman Bey. My horse is entrusted to you. Pied, Inflammation in your blood will be good. Now... I say, let's take you and go to the place. I'll treat it there. Let me say  from the beautiful eyes of the owner Bala Hatun, let's not shed once again. May Allah give you whatever you want Osman Bey. My only wish  come to the new market tomorrow and let me see you again. My non-comrade is entrusted to you.

Kurulus Osman Episode 8 

in English subtitles

In kurulus osman episode 8 , I understand your anger, Bamsı. But without knowing the original work is it wise to want a war? Mr. Dundar. What you call Cenk was just what was needed, many people could not overthrow many. The lack of our assembly heart is Dundar Bey. The lack is heart. My father, Dundar Bey , his heart , put his head on the road of our Ertuğrul Bey. Starting this way, just as a child,  proved its stamina. Now, no one should attempt to question my father's courage. We said let's trade. They attempted to assassinate. Our Aybars were martyred. My brother Osman, on the other hand, stays in an unknown well. Cenk is our profession. Not that... patience is also our guide. Until I get news from Osman I will not act. Thank God. 

In kurulus osman episode 8 , it's time to fight. Not that, combat with a simple sword,  will enliven the life of the sinister enemy. What do you mean, Osman? Cuts in  as you cut pieces of meat  with stronger limbs than before  will strangle us we have a tough enemy. The coffins behind the wall, it's time to cut his heart with a dagger. It is imperative that the gentlemen here make a war decision today. Not that the decision of this . 

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