Sultan Abdulhamid | Season 1, Episode 2 | Urdu and English subtitles

Sultan Abdul Hamid Episode 2 with Urdu and English  subtitles full Hd

Watch Sultan Abdulhamid (Payitaht Abdulhamid) episode 2 in Urdu and English subtitles - Sultan Abdul Hamid episode 2 in both formats 

Payitaht abdulhamid season 1 episode 2 with Urdu and English subtitles

Description of Payitaht Abdul Hamid episode 2 :

In payitaht Abdulhamid episode 2 , Dragos tells that The Ottoman dynasty has always been fine. Your ancestors have been reigning here for six centuries… and your brother Abdulhamid Han ... is a genius of no match on earth. Sabahattin didn’t mean that. Mommy, don’t be angry but ... would I ever talk like that about the family I am a member of? What is “mommy?” Where did it come from? Call me with a Turkish name… but “mommy?” Dear mother. But why don’t we be more like western people? My dear, first be yourself and eat your meal. I'm sorry, mother. My Sultan. Ah, Mahmut! Don’t beat around the bush.

 In payitaht Abdulhamid episode 2 , There may be some customers. So long. Omer, sound. Take these gloves. No, mother. I can't hold the halter with them. That’s going to be slippery. She spent time weaving them, son. Come here. Thank you, Zeynep. That must have taken your time. Please, don't say that. You have always been there for me and my brother. Back to your business you all. Don’t stand before my place here. My sound! Its, stay away from fight. Your warnings are all in vain Asiye Hanım. Your son walks around with blinkers. Reminds me of someone but… The customer is asking for soup. Can I make it? Calm down you chubby! That’s not so easy to finish apprenticeship. Move! My Sultan.

Sultan Abdulhamid Episode 2

Sultan Abulhamid Episode 2 in Urdu

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In payitaht Abdulhamid episode 2 , He's calculating the budgets ... and reading magazines about the way it's handled in Europe and America. If it's possible. Is he here? Of course, he is. Tahsin Pasha. Let Mahmut Pasha in. Are you happy now? Then leave us alone so we can talk business, right? Thank you, my Sultan. Yes, Pasha. My Sultan. Thank you for having me here before you. Have a seat, Pasha. You have ideas about the railways as I've heard. Yes. I've really worked hard on that, my Sultan. There is a distance of 1300 km ... between Istanbul and Hejaz. To connect these two destinations ... we need to ... build about 2500 stone bridges of different size.

In payitaht Abdulhamid episode 2 , Examine the offer of the British thoroughly. See whether that would work for our project or not ... then we’ll see. My Sultan, I’m grateful. My Sultan ... can I see myself as I took this job? May God protect you, my Sultan… Mahmut Pasha. Yes, my Sultan. Before I read the newspaper ... I have it ironed to prevent the ink from smudging my hands. You can do the same ... or God forbid! That ink can ruin your hands, clothes… or mind. Of course, my Sultan. Of course. Abulkadir, come here. Forget about the palace, this is even banned in Istanbul. It’s like I’m putting my hands on the treasure which is protected by the leprechauns. Even the leprechauns can’t stand before the free people. 

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