Sultan Abdulhamid | Season 1, Episode 3 | Urdu and English subtitle

Sultan Abdul Hamid Episode 3 with Urdu and English subtitles full Hd

Watch Sultan Abdulhamid (Payitaht Abdulhamid) episode 3 in Urdu and English subtitles - Sultan Abdul Hamid episode 3 in both formats 

Payitaht abdulhamid season 1 episode 3 with Urdu and English subtitles

Description of Payitaht Abdul Hamid episode 3 :

In payitaht Abdulhamid episode 3,  tahsin pasha arrogantly replied No. I'm busy. Our Sultan put me in charge of this railway job. There wasn’t so much on my plate lately. But how? We ... were expecting that Mehmet Pasha would be in charge… In fact ... we have been working together. Keep on working. It's all about the state after all. Either I’m in charge or the lady’s pasha here… Does it matter? You can’t call me “lady’s pasha!” Hold your horses, Pasha! When I called you “lady’s pasha” ... I meant the connection between you and Bidar Sultan as siblings. I meant no harm. Our Sultan made me Pasha. 

In payitaht Abdulhamid episode 3, SIRKECI TRAIN STATION Here is your passport miss. Welcome to Payitaht, the capital city. Coachman! Do you know where Café le Bon is? Yes, mam. Please. Go lion! Don’t let me down this time. Do you call your horse, “lion?” Without the compliments he doesn’t walk. VIENNA How are you? Hello, thanks. You? Thank you. Have a good day. This is fine. This must be a bit lower. I got it. Mr. Herzl. The telegraph we have been waiting from Mahmut Pasha is here. “The Sultan is on the Queen’s train. Send the route ”. He did it. He took the job. Send word for our men Istanbul. 

Sultan Abdulhamid Episode 3

Sultan Abdulhamid Episode 3 in Urdu

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 In payitaht Abdulhamid episode 3, A lovely girl ... but born with a silver spoon. Mr. Herzl sends his best… and a gift. He's expecting good news. Take the bag. Our dreams are in that bag, Sabahattin. When we serve this bidding to the British in a plate. we will gain their unshakable trust. Then we’ll have the chance to set Payitaht free. Why the British want this railway so desperately, that I don’t get. They want to take the control of each road ... after the Ottoman Empire is gone. Empires eventually collapse. Don't confuse my mind, Sabahattin. Take the bag to Abdulkadir's room. By the way, don’t forget to amuse our Prince.

 In payitaht Abdulhamid episode 3, Now we start, Tahsin Pasha. The British oak tree ... ... is tough, Tahsin. In the name of God. Celal, my son, there is a kitchen at the entrance. That will be your first target. BUCKINGHAM PALACE Have a good night mister, see you then tomorrow The last door at the south of that kitchen ... opens to a hall. Count four doors from the right and ... enter through the fifth door The stairs are not polished neatly, they creak. Walk on your tips. They are so sure that no one can enter there ... so there will be no guards. You'll see three different colored doors ahead of you. Take the key on the door at the right and ... open the black door with it. When you enter, you’ll see the library.

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