Sultan Abdulhamid | Season 1, Episode 13 | Urdu and English Subtitle

Sultan Abdul Hamid Episode 13 with Urdu , Bangala and English subtitles full Hd

Watch Sultan Abdulhamid (Payitaht Abdulhamid) episode 13 in Urdu and English subtitles - Sultan Abdul Hamid episode 13 in both formats

Payitaht abdulhamid season 1 episode 13 with Urdu and English subtitles

Description of Payitaht Abdul Hamid Episode 13

In payitaht Abdulhamid episode 13, matey tells her daughter that He spared your life. Thank you my beautiful daughter. My Sultan ... may God bless you with a long time. May God take time from my life and give it to you. Thank you Bidar Hatun. Father, thank God! Thank you son! Do you understand why I care about you so much why I want you to improve yourselves? Look. This line in your hand is close to you ... like the death itself, my son. I don’t want to see our Empire left alone without a leader after I’m gone. If my children are going to be the Emperor ... I want them to be ready for that. I know that father.

In payitaht Abdulhamid episode 13, My Sultan ... this young boy here ... is brother to one of the martyrs today. When he heard that his younger brother was martyred ... he signed up for the Sogut Force. This is too hard, Pasha. Those boys shielding themselves ... to the bullets without a second though those fathers who send their second sons ... when their first sons die for this This is too hard for a ruler. Too hard to be worthy for them. Don’t say that, my Sultan. Tahsin Pasha ... Quran recitations shall begin for pur martyrs. Do charity work on their behalf and we ... make those who are responsible for this… pay! Yes, doctor. 

Sultan Abdulhamid Episode 13

Sultan Abdulhamid Episode 13 in Urdu

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In payitaht Abdulhamid episode 13, Do what you do! Stop rumbling on! I told you to bring an arm sling. Won’t you give me something like that? If it’s going to look good on you, I can do that, Pasha. Go, go! Okay. Off you go! I was feeling dizzy because of the blood loss ... but now I’m fine. Go, now! Go! Tomorrow you can come and tend the wound again. The cat sees its butt and thinks it is a wound. Peace be upon you and God's blessings. Peace be upon you and God's blessings. You are the one and the only God. Thank you! May God accept your prayers, my Sultan. Amen! They've attempted to take my life ... Tahsin Pasha. 

In payitaht Abdulhamid episode 13, My father has a small soup shop. We make a living there thank God. Thank God. What is that? I have been saving money for my friend. I have two gold coins and some pennies. I can pay for the rest with the help of God. Are you taking away our good deed from our hands, son? Put that back in your pocket, son. So long. With your permission, my Sultan. Tahsin ... as long as we have these young men, this State will never go down. Ah! Don’t make those whining sounds, Mahmut. I talked to the doctor. He says the bullet barely touched you. I’m fine. Thank God. A bullet for our Sultan Abdulhamid Han ... that I can take. It won’t be a big deal at all. I still don’t get it.

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