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Kurulus Osman Season 2 

Episode 62 (Bolum 62) in 

Urdu, Hindi and Bangla 

subtitles - kurulus Osman 


Kurulus osman season 2 episode 62 urdu

In Kurulus Osman Episode 61, Camuha goes to the military region by as the request for Togay and spreads out a catch for Osman. Cerkutay finds the baffling base. Osman and his Alps move slowly, yet he doesn't get dubious of that. Right now Boran says that the Mongols have reached close, Camuha shoots a bolt at Osman. Camuha emerges from his disguising spot and all the Mongolian champions begin to attack. Exactly when Osman will execute Camuha, Mongolian warriors assist him with getting away. Osman feels that Togay escape from him and he will get back to the plain at the reasonable time. Nikola is happy with happiness by hearing the information on Bamsi being dead in the fight and says that Osman will attempt to convey retaliation. Sheik rises out of the tent after the capacity and Osman starts making a game plan with Umur. Cerkutay accepts Bamsi's blade and starts to sob. Aygul goes with Ahmed and endeavors to comfort him. Not long after, Goktug comes and says he needs to get Bamsi's sword. After Goktug takes the blades, he returns them to Cerkutay. Osman says that Togay broke the composed qualities they made and make an impression on Sultan about it. Goktug gets some information about her explanation of coming. Zoe needs to talk with Malhun and goes towards her tent. The house proprietor is prepared to sell his home accordingly he goes to Osman to advise him.


Osman says they will talk about this later and sends the seller. Malhun dazzles with Zoe and needs that she would work for her. Osman gets a message from Sultan and speedily holds a social occasion with the Beys. By leaving the Tribe, Zoe advises Goktug that she is at present working for Malhun. Nikola is prepared to give new fighters to Togay notwithstanding Helen's objections. Osman uncovers to Malhun that they will attack Togay to fight back for Bamsi. Malhun convices Osman to go with him in the fight, yet he stops her since he thinks often about her future. Osman prepares every one of his fighters and leave the clan to vindicate Bamsi after a long talk. Nikola, Togay, and Yason expect Osman's appearance with a gigantic furnished power. Togay needs to execute Osman. The lead representative ascents up out of his covering spot and the heroes in Togay's military promised commitment to him. Yargucu orders to catch Togay's and stops Osman. The lead representative needs to take Togay to Sivas to rebuke him and disappear. Togay suddenly attacks the lead representative in the way, however the lead representative would not like to execute him yet. Nikola acclaims this victory with his buddies at the castle. Osman tells that the lead representative has gotten Togay, anyway he has not deserted Bamsi's revenge. The lead representative and his tactical stop to take some rest at an inn. The lead representative orders his fighters to take Togay to the storm cellar of the lodging. Turhan take the Mongolian warriors to the cellar of the inn. Osman and his heroes stealthily hold on for Turhan outside the lodging. Turhan at that point goes to Togay's to bring food and says he will assist him with returning a ton of gold. Togay recognizes this offer and stand discreetly. Turhan executes the watchmen and eliminates Togay from the storm cellar. Togay and Camuha follow Turhan. Turhan takes Togay and Camuha out using a puzzling section in the lodging. He takes them to Osman. Then, at that point there starts a battle among Osman and Togay. Osman set out the Togay on the ground valiantly. 

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What might be the subsequent stage of Osman? Is Osman slaughter Togay or not? How will lead representative respond when he not discover Togay in the cell? To realize the appropriate responses watch the following scene 62 of Kurulus osman.

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