Kurulus osman All Seasons' Episodes with English and Urdu subtitles

Kurulus osman All Seasons' 

Episodes with English and 

Urdu subtitles

Watch Kurulus osman Season 1, Season 2 and Season 3 all episodes in full HD resolution with English and Urdu subtitles only on Kurulusyoutube.co.uk website.

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Kurulus osman all Episodes 

with English and urdu 

subtitles in full resolution 

In kurulus osman season 1,yanks says that Sofia is your daughter. How does Edebalı know this secret that you keep from everyone? No more secrets, Kalanoz. Now there is only death. Now listen to me. My Sheikh. Ya Shafi. Medet Allah. Ya Shafi. Medet Allah. Ya Shafi. Medet Allah. Ya Shafi. Medet Allah. Ya Shafi. Father. Medet Allah. You will survive, Bala, less last. Less more. Less last! Medet Allah. Either bismillah. God give him strength, my Lord! Ya Shafi. Medet Allah. Medet Allah. Samsa Sergeant, keep an eye on Sofia. Osman, you will find the trouble! You will pay the sin of the crimes you have committed! Is there a destruction? You're up, son.

 I Selamınaleyk. I Aleykümselam. Shut up, give me the bone of your creaking mouth! Sofia ... today is your account day. My blood of Aybars will not stay on the ground! Osman deceived all of you. He did it to escape the court, wake up. You will also pay for the sin he has committed, and your obey! Leave me! How is Ahvali Ayşe aunt? It's not good, Osman. I hope it will be good, Ayşe aunt. It will be good. God willing. [Door opens.] Princess Sofia? Alişar Bey. What's going on? Osman kidnapped me and killed my soldiers. What does this mean Bamsı? Free Princess Sofia now! Osman, where are you? 

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